Riversiders Social Club was originally set up in 1966 to provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreational and social activities for people with learning disabilities in South Cumbria.  It was formed by members of Westmorland Mencap many of whom were the parents of people with learning disabilities. 

The money remaining available to Westmorland Mencap for funding the clubs was running out and  after taking advice it was decided that it would be more appropriate for fundraising to be managed by a Charitable Company, dedicated to the clubs to raise funds in its own right and be more inclusive for the members. 

Thus it was that Riversiders Trust was formed in 2010.  The board of trustees is made of a few members of the old Westmorland Mencap Committee, several new faces and three club members.

All those involved with the clubs are anxious to ensure that they continue to provide pleasure to the members, for many of whom, an evening at the clubs is the highlight of the week.


To enable people with learning disabilities to meet in a relaxed, safe and non-threatening environment, enjoy social interaction, engage both in individual hobbies and shared activities,develop further life skills and participate as widely as possible in community life and activities.