What is Riversiders Trust?

Riversiders Trust was formed in 2010.

The board of trustees is made up of volunteers who give their time to ensure that the funds are available to run the clubs in a safe and enjoyable environment. The board also includes members of the club committee so their interests and concerns can be raised and discussed.

If you would like details of the members of our board of trustees please email us and we will respond to your enquiry.

Riversiders Club Management Committee

Riversiders Club Management Committee is made up of members of the club with each management committee member taking a role such as chair, secretary or treasurer. As part of the management committee for Riversiders Club you will have an opportunity to learn new skills such as administration, money handling, fundraising, letter writing and IT skills.

You will have input into the health and safety measures at the club, plan and organise events and activities for club nights and fundraising events to and be involved in evaluating past activities using feedback from all members to ensure everyone enjoyed themselves!